Bridget Weis-Urbain – Cooking by Design

Bridget Weis-Urbain - Cooking by Design
Bridget Weis-Urbain
Chef & Owner
Cook From Scratch
Bridget Weis-Urbain is the Chef and owner of Cook from Scratch, where she offers a variety of cooking classes as an opportunity to help broaden people’s horizons in the kitchen.

Leadership By Design 2015: Prototypes, Process & Play

Cooking by Design

Deciding what to schlep on the dinner table can be a piece of cake—or a nightmare for a chef like me. I’m not one to plan ahead; I tend to cook based upon my mood, which can be based upon what’s going on around me the weather, what I’ve been influenced by on TV or in my life at any point in time, which means that where I decide to get my ingredients from changes quite frequently, as well!

Designing a menu for a client isn’t clearly an art of a formula, either—sure, “lactose-free” and “gluten intolerant” requests need to be taken into consideration. However, helping people understand what the foundational core ingredients of cooking are through well-planned cooking classes, can help people understand how to figure out what to cook based upon their moods, and their influences, and whatever else is going on in their worlds.

You won’t truly be a “Foodie” unless you’ve stood at your kitchen sink’s morning aftermath, closed your eyes, and while the hot water revives the gelatinous demi-glace blessed pans your soul speaks to your taste buds and says, “thank you, that was amazing!” The basics of cooking, like the basics of any other type of design, will lead you down your path to being great.

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