Tent Talks Recordings

Tent Talks Recordings

Discover a treasure trove of ideas, insights, and innovations from the UX Design community and beyond, captured in our signature Tent Talks sessions.

Each recording is a snapshot of thought leadership, featuring a series of five engaging questions with our guest speakers. These conversations, lasting between 10 to 20 minutes, are packed with knowledge, experiences, and inspirations, making them the perfect blend of depth and brevity.

Dive into our collection and uncover diverse perspectives on UX Design and related fields. From seasoned professionals to emerging voices, our speakers share their unique insights, enriching the community with each talk.

Browse, listen, and let these Tent Talks spark your creativity and passion for UX Design. Remember, each session is an invitation to explore new ideas and join the ongoing conversation. Your next big idea might just be a play button away.

Join us for a riveting session with Sheetal T. Patel, Assistant Director of the CIA for the Transnational and Technology Mission Center, as we explore the intersection of User Experience (UX) design and intelligence work. With an illustrious career spanning...
  • 16 Min Read
Join us on June 3rd for an eye-opening Tent Talks session titled, “Who Cares About Forms? You Should—Here’s Why,” featuring Caroline Jarrett, a foremost expert in form design. In this talk, Caroline will unravel the surprising complexities and significant impacts...
  • 35 Min Read
We’re hosting a private session with Kai Tran, a seasoned designer and co-founder of Sprintfolio, as we explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and user experience design. With over a decade of experience spanning game cinematics, environmental design, and interactive...
  • 23 Min Read
Bryce Johnson from Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab will share his experiences and the impactful work being done to make technology accessible for everyone. From the inception of groundbreaking projects to the challenges and successes encountered along the way, attendees will...
  • 33 Min Read
Join us for a dynamic Tent Talks session with Cassidy Williams, a renowned startup advisor, investor, developer experience expert, and all-around tech innovator. Dive into an engaging conversation that explores Cassidy’s journey through the tech world, from her early days...
  • 16 Min Read
In our Tent Talks session with Tanya Snook, we’ll explore the intersections of design, technology, and well-being in the workplace. Tanya Snook, a seasoned user experience designer known for her critical eye on UX Theatre and her commitment to genuine...
  • 45 Min Read
Join us on April 8th for a captivating Tent Talks session with Alec Levin, a visionary leader and advocate in the user research community. As the CEO and co-founder of Learners and the mind behind UXRConf, Alec has been instrumental...
  • 23 Min Read
In this Tent Talks session with Colin MacArthur, we’ll explore the nuanced ways in which Artificial Intelligence, particularly Large Language Models, is reshaping the landscape of design. Colin, an expert in integrating AI with product design, will share his insights...
  • 25 Min Read
Join us for an engaging Tent Talks session with Nathan Curtis, a prominent voice in all things design systems. Nathan, co-founder of EightShapes, will share his expert insights into the meticulous planning, strategic processes, and impactful operations that are essential...
  • 22 Min Read
In this session, Christine Perfetti will share her innovative approach called “Strategic Rallying.” It’s all about bringing teams together to turn what they learn from research into real action for their products. Christine has a wealth of experience from her...
  • 32 Min Read
June 2024