Event Recordings

Explore our collection of Chicago Camps’ most enriching design dialogues, from the concise, engaging dialogues of Tent Talks to the in-depth explorations at UX Camp, and the visionary perspectives at Leadership By Design.

Whether you’re revisiting a favorite session or discovering new insights, these recordings are your gateway to an ever-expanding world of design knowledge and leadership wisdom.

Discover, learn, and be inspired by the diverse voices that have shaped our vibrant design community.

Join us for a thought-provoking Tent Talks session with Helen Keighron, a seasoned design executive and startup advisor, as she explores the concept of “alignment” within teams and organizations. Drawing from her extensive experience in scaling teams and enhancing user...
  • 38 Min Read
Join us for a riveting session with Sheetal T. Patel, Assistant Director of the CIA for the Transnational and Technology Mission Center, as we explore the intersection of User Experience (UX) design and intelligence work. With an illustrious career spanning...
  • 16 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 Challenging the Concept of “Human-Centered”: It’s Time for a Rethink Since the beginning of experience design, we have been focused on being human-centered for nearly every product, service and interface created. What does human-centered really mean,...
  • 3 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 Unleashing Potential as Design Leaders: The Art of the Warm Demander As design leaders, we face the challenge of expressing high expectations, showing we believe people can meet those expectations, and tailoring the support they need...
  • 3 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 Design Psychology: Helping People Make Better Choices for Themselves and the Planet We face thousands of choices everyday: most of them are inconsequential, but others can have very serious and even detrimental outcomes. We have limited...
  • 3 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 Burn Out – Recognizing and Recovering “Burnout” is a common buzzword these days, but what can it really look and feel like? How do you know it’s happening and how do you pull out of it?...
  • 2 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 How to Start, Grow, and Close an Agency in Under 5 Years After a decade spent working at some of the best agencies around (BBDO, Cossette, DDB, FCB/SIX, Proximity, Teehan+Lax, and more), I started my own...
  • 2 Min Read
Join us on June 3rd for an eye-opening Tent Talks session titled, “Who Cares About Forms? You Should—Here’s Why,” featuring Caroline Jarrett, a foremost expert in form design. In this talk, Caroline will unravel the surprising complexities and significant impacts...
  • 35 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 First Principles, UX Quality, and a New Design Spirit The path of the commercial software experience design profession has become much more murky and uncertain that nearly anyone anticipated. Today requires a new way of thinking...
  • 2 Min Read
UX Camp Spring 2024 Beyond Extraction: Reframing UX Research Into Long-term Relationships and Strategic Change Management UX research is more than collecting data and gathering information–it’s a foundational tool to build relationships with people who are impacted by and who...
  • 3 Min Read
June 2024