About Chicago Camps

About Chicago Camps

Chicago Camps was founded to focus on delivering high-quality, affordable continuing education in User Experience (UX) and Design Leadership. We believe in the principles of inclusivity, engagement, and real-world applicability, and we offer a series of events throughout the year to bring professionals together in a collaborative learning environment.

Our Mission

We aim to diminish the barriers between academic learning and real-world experience in User Experience and Design Leadership. At Chicago Camps, we create spaces where aspiring and established professionals can learn from industry leaders and each other, all without breaking the bank.

Our Events

We host a variety of events such as UX Camps (single-day submission-based events), Leadership By Design (curated 2-day design leadership conference, and Tent Talks (live podcasts). Each event is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and offer keynotes from renowned experts in the field. With affordable ticket prices and flexible “Pay What You Can” and “Need 1, Take 1” (free passes) options, we ensure accessibility to quality education for everyone.

Why Attend?

Our events offer invaluable networking opportunities, inspiration for your projects, and the chance to get up to speed on current trends and future developments in User Experience and Design Leadership. Most importantly, we offer a supportive community committed to helping each other grow both personally and professionally.

Event Swag

Let’s not forget our unique event swag! We provide thoughtfully designed garments at great prices that are more than just intellectual takeaways from our events. They also help fund our pool of “Need 1, Take 1” passes for folks with a need. Look good, feel good, we say!

Join Us!

Whether you’re new to User Experience or a seasoned design leader, Chicago Camps is the place for you. Join us to keep learning, start sharing, and take your career to the next level.

June 2024