Prototyping Responsive Designs with Axure RP 7

Prototyping Responsive Designs with Axure RP 7

Prototyping Responsive Designs with Axure RP 7

This one-day workshop will get you up to speed prototyping responsive web designs with the new Adaptive Views feature in Axure RP 7. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to create designs that scale for smartphones, tablets, and desktop displays. This workshop includes examples, tutorials, and exercises covering the functionality of an cross-platform ecommerce project prototyped with Axure.

In addition to learning how to create Axure pages with device-specific views, you’ll also discover some of the other new advanced features of Axure 7 that offer improved prototyping methods that were not available in previous versions. At the end of the workshop, participants will take home the completed prototype file.

Topics Covered

  • Adaptive Views
  • Using Adaptive Views to create responsive masters
  • Configuring, viewing and using prototypes on actual mobile devices
  • Publishing to the free AxShare prototype hosting service
  • Repeaters
  • Building accordions
  • Axure 7 support for touch gestures and interactions
  • Using Axure’s Style Editor to easily control the appearance of most design elements

Required Preparation for Attendees

The workshop is for novice to intermediate Axure users, but have limited to no exposure to Adaptive Views. Attendees should be familiar with using variables and dynamic panels in Axure.

Bring your laptop with Axure RP 7 installed and ready to run. If you do not own a licensed copy of Axure, you can download a free 30-day trial (link to download). Make sure your trial version is not expired on the day of the workshop.

Attendees also should have an active AxShare account so they can view their work on actual mobile devices. AxShare is a free cloud storage service from Axure that can of host up to 1,000 password-protected prototypes.

Will Hacker
Will Hacker
Interaction Design Manager
Will Hacker is a Manager of Interaction Design at, where he leads a team responsible for experience design and usability for a portfolio of consumer-facing automotive shopping, research, and financing products.
Svetlin Denkov
Svetlin Denkov
UX Prototyper
GN Resound
Svetlin Denkov is a UX Prototyper at GN ReSound in Chicago, where he builds highly interactive prototypes for mobile and tablet devices using different technologies
June 2024