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Alison Gretz
Alison Gretz Alison has led teams of individuals in problem-solving and creating solutions for the real world in both boot-strapping start-ups and large Fortune 100 companies. She firmly believes that her leadership philosophy and coaching approach combined create environments where...
Yaddy Arroyo
Yaddy Arroyo Specializing in pioneering multi-modal banking experiences that seamlessly merge cutting-edge chatbot technology with human-centric service design. Over 15 years of expertise in AI design, spanning Social Listening Tools, Telematics, and multi-modal & voice design. Committed to elevating accessibility...
Meghan Casey's Tent Talks Session
June 10, 2024
5:00 pm
June 10, 2024
6:00 pm
Tent Talks Featuring Meghan Casey: TBD On Monday, June 10th at 5:00pm Central, Meghan Casey joins us for a live Q&A session: “TBD” Tent Talks: Sharing Ideas with the UX Design Community Chicago Camps hosts irregularly scheduled Tent Talks with...
Sunni (Sun) Brown
Sunni (Sun) Brown Sunni (Sun) Brown is the founder of creative consultancy Sunni Brown Ink and recently reincarnated the Center for Deep Self Design (getting its second life after a tragicomic opening in March of 2020!). Sun was named one...
Steve Portigal
Steve Portigal Steve Portigal is an experienced user researcher who helps organizations to build more mature user research practices. Based outside of San Francisco, he is principal of Portigal Consulting, and has conducted research with thoracic surgeons, families eating breakfast,...
Guadalupe Aguilera
Guadalupe Aguilera Guadalupe commenced her professional journey in the realm of architecture, where she developed a deep appreciation for space, form, and user interaction within physical environments. This foundational understanding of design principles and user-centric focus seamlessly transitioned her into...
Meghan Casey
Meghan Casey Meghan Casey has more than 20 years experience in communications, marketing, content strategy, and stakeholder whispering. Eight of those years were at Brain Traffic, the consultancy that put content strategy on the map. Meghan’s book The Content Strategy...
Haley Stracher
Haley Stracher Haley Stracher is the founder of Iris Design Collaborative, and an expert designer and marketing strategist. ? Haley loves playing with her young son, yoga and being outdoors. With more than 8 years of experience in graphic design...
Eytan Mirsky
Eytan Mirsky Eytan Mirsky is a New York City-based singer/songwriter best known for the songs he contributed to the indie films “Happiness,” “American Splendor” and “The Tao of Steve.” You can find Eytan online at: Bandcamp | YouTube | Facebook...
Steven Kellert
Steven Kellert Meet Steven Kellert, a Chicagoan with a penchant for hitting all the right notes—be it on paper or a ukulele. When he’s not nose-deep in medical and scholarly manuscripts, making sure every comma is in its right place...
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