Gail Swanson – Design Safety: A Trauma-Informed User Research Guide

Gail Swanson - Design Safety: A Trauma-Informed User Research Guide
Gail Swanson
CX Design Leader
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Gail Swanson helps people solve product and service problems without blowing themselves up. Throughout her design career across many industries, she’s been dedicated to helping talented folks be effective at their jobs. Gail built the strategy practice at 18F, and has returned to public service improving the experience of disaster survivors as they recover and rebuild. Gail speaks and writes about all manners of design, strategy, and digital innovation.

UX Camp Spring 2024

Design Safety: A Trauma-Informed User Research Guide

Throughout civic tech, people are striving to increase engagement with vulnerable and underserved communities, and in private industry, product teams are including more diverse pools of participants in their user research. These inclusion strategies mean that researchers will undoubtedly work with people who are living with the impact of trauma, which presents risk of causing additional harm. With attention and tools, user researchers can minimize this risk to vulnerable participants and improve the experience for everyone involved. 

Tactics such as content warnings and informed consent help people protect themselves, and other tools are available to help us do user research ethically.Combining the principles of a trauma informed approach (created by SAMHSA), an ethical research framework, and a little creativity, sets us properly on a path to learning safely. Join us to learn how to apply trauma informed principles to user research, and get tools to use in your own research design.

This session includes:

  • An introduction to the effects of trauma and who it impacts
  • What is trauma informed user research
  • How to use the ethical researcher checklist and other tools to improve your user research with all participants
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UX Camp Spring 2024
May 18, 2024
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