Romke de Haan
Romke de Haan Romke de Haan has been in the DJ world since he was 13 years old. First under DJ greats like DJ QuickMixx and Opie Cuttingham of Illinois Mixx Mob. Romke became more of a performing DJing in...
Beth Zwolski Tobias
Beth Zwolski Tobias Beth has been drawing since her mom placed a crayon in her hand. Over the years, she picked up passions for drawing, painting, animation, special effects makeup, and fabrication. She earned a B.A. in Film/Video with a...
Jim Remsik
Jim Remsik A world-renowned hugger, community instigator, and speaker who genuinely desires success in those around him and does what he can to make that happen. Jim has spent his career building teams which led to the founding of Adorable....
Kavitha Krishnan
Kavitha Krishnan Kavitha Krishnan aka lifelong champion for UX is a passionate UX professional who enjoys solving problems, organizing information and designing interactions. Currently, she is a Senior UX Strategist with Mattel, WI after working for companies like EMC Corporation,...
Mike Kornacki
Mike Kornacki Mike’s 20 years of work in the creative arts field has brought him to Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) where, over the last five years, he has built a team of User Experience specialists. Within JCI, he is currently...
Mark McEahern
Mark McEahern Mark started Adorable IO a software consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. A software engineer with a passion for simplicity and quality, he was delighted by the power and leverage that frameworks like Ruby on Rails brought to...
Clark Sell
Clark Sell Presentations Speaker Camp Chicago Mentor
Dennis Schleicher
Dennis Schleicher Presentations Speaker Camp Chicago Mentor
July 2024