Romke de Haan

Romke de Haan

Romke de Haan

Romke de Haan has been in the DJ world since he was 13 years old. First under DJ greats like DJ QuickMixx and Opie Cuttingham of Illinois Mixx Mob. Romke became more of a performing DJing in his late 20s after the passing of his friend DJ Roc Dee. Today Romke has DJ’d for thousands all over the country in bars and venues in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and DC. He blends various mixes of genres and styles sure to get a party going. By day Romke works as a consultant in technology and business, helping organizations transform into modern companies.

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Leadership By Design 2018

Moving You — The Work That Goes Into DJing

Music is magical–it can make us move, it can move us, it can make us forget everything for a moment, and it can make us remember things we thought we’d forgotten forever. There’s even more magic that happens when a DJ gets in the zone and makes you experience all of that for a long period of time.

How does it happen That thing where you were singing and dancing along to something familiar one moment and the next you’re experiencing something completely different—yet similar—and you’re not sure when it happened.

I do that, and I can promise you, it’s all by design. It takes a deep knowledge of and appreciation for music, a passion for helping others experience something great for them and created by you, and it takes precision timing and skill to keep everything going. We’ll hear and see some live DJ action, and then I’ll slow it all down and we’ll deconstruct it so you can learn all that happens when the music beat goes on and the DJs appear to be switching to glide.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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