Shannon Soper

Shannon Soper

Shannon Soper

Shannon Soper, Senior Product Designer, mentor, and former Head of Learning, brings 10+ years of experience in leadership and team development. She trained a 250+ sales team to adopt a new methodology as an instructional designer at Instructure, managed an open source community of hundreds of developers as Head of Learning at Gatsby, and has mentored many product designers in conducting their own UX Research at Postman.


UX Camp Spring 2024

Unleashing Potential as Design Leaders: The Art of the Warm Demander

As design leaders, we face the challenge of expressing high expectations, showing we believe people can meet those expectations, and tailoring the support they need to progress.

For example, design leaders may need to motivate hesitant employees to conduct user interviews, provide guidance to a teammate who wants to propose a project too large in scope, or untangle persistent misalignment with their own manager.

To face these challenges, we must become “Warm Demanders.” This concept from the world of educational psychology gives us practical strategies to set high standards (be “demanding”), believe in people’s potential (be “warm”), and provide the tailored support they need to thrive.

Drawing on real-world examples, we’ll learn practical strategies to become Warm Demanders:

  • The Power of “Why”: Using questions to spark self-reflection and ownership of learning and create a safe environment for sharing and experimenting.
  • Tailored Support with Scaffolding: Matching development needs with appropriate resources and gradually removing support as skills strengthen.
  • Setting Clear Expectations: Establishing a shared understanding of goals, success criteria, and the level of performance we strive for.

By mastering these practices, you’ll cultivate a culture of high expectations, build trust, and unlock the full creative potential of people you lead.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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