Erin Weigel

Erin Weigel

Erin Weigel

Erin Weigel delivers impactful, user-centric products and tells stories about how she does it.
Her career started in customer service when she worked retail and waited tables. This experience developed her service mindset, which guides her unique design approach.

She has A/B tested thousands of design changes at, the world’s largest online travel website, where she worked as Principal Designer for 9 years. Her specialties are Conversion Design and building experimentation cultures. She’s currently writing

Design for Impact: Your Guide to Designing Effective Product Experiments, published by Rosenfeld Media, released in 2024.


Learn more about Erin and all the stuff she does at or, follow her on LinkedIn for design tips and resources.


Leadership By Design 2024

Design for Impact

Experimentation can be intimidating to non-data science folk. But Erin is determined to get people from all crafts excited about A/B testing. In this talk, Erin shares the Conversion Design process. It centers A/B testing as a way to gather high-quality evidence to make highly informed decisions to improve your digital product. She also introduces the Good Experimental Design toolkit. These easy-to-follow templates usher teams through the logic needed to design trustworthy experiments that you can learn from.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
Design for Impact

June 2024
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