Alina Cvetkova

Alina Cvetkova

Alina Cvetkova

Alina Cvetkova is a product designer with a passion for user-centered design and setting up UX processes. Originally from Latvia, Alina has at the moment settled in the sunny Barcelona. Currently, Alina is working as a Product Designer for the B2B side of the social business network XING, where she, together with the rest of the team, is providing design solutions to help recruiters hire the best talent possible.

For more, keep up with Alina on Twitter as @nuacco.


UX Camp Spring 2018 

Anticipating User Needs with Data

These days it is not enough to simply provide an interface for the users to reach their goal: users expect so much more from products. It’s essential to address user needs in a smart way, and sometimes there are needs which the user hasn’t even expressed yet.

Anticipatory design and smart data help address this. We’ll explore a practical way that shows how to identify and use data that can help users reach their goals by boosting their journey with useful and helpful information.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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May 19, 2018
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