Danyell Jones

Danyell Jones

Danyell Jones

Danyell is the UX Research Lead at ZS Associates in Evanston, IL, where she oversees and conducts research across 5 different verticals in the Software Development group that helps teams develop software applications that support pharmaceutical clients. She works with teams to develop reusable and efficient processes for conducting and analyzing research while increasing the visibility of the research practice and user experience team. Previously, Danyell established and led the research practice at Relativity, a software firm in Chicago, where she conducted user research to support teams with data-driven product development. In addition to working in user research, she teaches graduate-level classes in the HCI program at DePaul University. Danyell is also a runner, an avid reader, a Whovian, and a video game lover.

For more, keep up with Danyell at danyelljones.com.


UX Camp Fall 2019

Implementing Usability & Satisfaction Metrics in Your Organization

Establishing a cohesive UX strategy is a challenge when your organization lacks a measurement framework. We’re constantly striving to make great products, but it’s difficult to get stakeholder buy-in and make product decisions when you can’t state the impact on the user experience.

We understand – this happens to us too! During this session, we’ll share how we addressed this gap by exploring the framework we used for measuring UX impact across different audiences. We’ll discuss how we approached gathering usability and customer satisfaction metrics, establishing benchmarks, and applying this data to improve products. Not only will you learn about tools to help you make informed decisions on your products, but you’ll also come away with the ability to demonstrate the value of UX to your stakeholders.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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October 12, 2019
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