Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner is Managing Director at Adaptive Path where she established and leads the Design Program Management practice. She has shaped and lead over 40 of the firm’s most strategic and complex projects and programs working directly with C-suite stakeholders in the Fortune 50. She is also Head of Design Management at Capital One, an emerging function to address rapid growth in the design organization and deliver end-to-end customer experiences that improve people’s lives. She has extensive experience recruiting, hiring, and managing designers, and shaping design organizations and operations for optimal effectiveness, in both consulting and in-house contexts, and in companies of various sizes.

Before joining Adaptive Path, Kristin worked as a Design Manager at Microsoft in their ground-breaking Pioneer Studios. Kristin co-programs and hosts the MX Conference, has spoken at UX Week, and recently gave a sold-out workshop at MX15 on this subject. She is the co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs to be published in 2016 by O’Reilly.

For more, keep up with Kristin at or on Twitter as @bettay.


Leadership By Design 2017: Prototypes, Process & Play

Org Design for Design Orgs: Building & Managing In-House Teams

As organizations continue to establish and mature their in-house design teams, it turns out there’s very little common wisdom on what makes for a successful design organization. Books and presentations tend to focus on process, methods, tools, and outcomes, leaving a gap of knowledge when it comes to organizational and operational matters.

In this talk, Kristin Skinner will share her personal experience as a design leader who is driven by the challenge of organizational design. She will share stories on the benefits and challenges of working in both consulting and in-house, and will leave you with practical tips to build and lead your design teams and organization.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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