Pasha Moore

Pasha Moore

Pasha Moore

Pasha Moore is the founder of Holland Taucher Consulting Group (HTCG), a full-service political and not-for-profit fundraising and event planning firm. Pasha covers all aspects of fundraising and strategy, with a focus on major donor cultivation and corporate partnerships; event production and execution; public affairs and advocacy in various roles.

With over 15 years of political experience, Pasha has previously worked in various roles with over 120 campaigns, political organizations, tech organizations, and not-for-profits. Under the HTCG masthead, Pasha has directed the fundraising and development of numerous national, state, and local campaigns and political organizations in Texas and beyond, including state judicial campaigns, legislative races, and congressional races; national campaigns and PACs; and state-based political GOTV organizations. Outside of development, Pasha has produced scores of multi-day corporate, political, and tech conferences as well as hackathons and symposiums.

Additionally, Pasha is a member of the Advisory Council of the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at The University of Texas at Austin, where she has taught at the ASI Campaign Bootcamp for the last eight years; as well as engaged in the Austin community via memberships in the Junior League of Austin and the Women’s Symphony League.


Leadership By Design 2019

Negotiating the Difficult: Deciding Which Hills to Die On

Everyone wants everything, and they want it their way. Sometimes, it feels like you’re choosing your battles on a daily basis–from working with humans who have different motivations to trying to meet seemingly impossible goals with even more impossible deadlines.

I’m not going to tell you I’ve seen it all, however, I am going to tell you that as a political fundraiser, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve been underestimated a lot, and I’ve exceeded a lot of expectations. I’ve even stood my ground when it could have been easier to take a different path!

We’ll explore approaches to making choices based on the right reasons and for the right causes; maximizing your resources; and how to ultimately hold that chosen hill when it’s time to dig in. I’ll share my approach to isolating the factors worth considering and negotiating the best outcomes based upon the constraints you’ve been dealt–and how to make everyone feel like they’re winning something, even when it requires both sides giving up a little.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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