Tanseela Molani

Tanseela Molani

Tanseela Molani

Tanseela leads the design research and universal design efforts at United Airlines. The research team informs the vision, experience and execution of inspiring, useful, and profitable travel products and services. The accessibility team ensures universal design throughout design and development cycle.

In her three years at United, she has successfully positioned design research, and its methods, as the means of centering the user in the business and design development process to ensure viability, desirability, and usefulness of a feature or product.

With over 16 years of design research experience, the questions that strive to uncover and understand the underlying motivations of people, why do they do what they do, never gets old. These are the things that drive behavior. She uses this understanding to start conversations that will ultimately lead to improved experiences.


Leadership By Design 2017: Prototypes, Process & Play

Design Researcher as (the most) Super (of all) Heroes

What do Deadpool, Superman, Elastic Man, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Multiple Man and a Design Researcher have in common? Super powers!

Yes, Design Researchers have super powers, and they may be the best super hero of them all! While most super heroes have only one or two powers, immortality, x-ray vision, elasticity, re-animation and replication are all super powers of the Design Researcher. And, these powers are used for good.

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July 2024
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