Sunny Stueve

Sunny Stueve

Sunny Stueve

Sunny Stueve is a Senior User Experience Architect in Washington, DC. For the last several years, she has focused on incorporating human centered methodologies, intuitive design, and research into the agile processes of complex, large-scale, enterprise applications in support of National Security missions. She’s currently leading a UX team in support of the US Customs & Immigration Services. Sunny is a user advocate, a UX evangelist, a minimalist designer, an empathetic listener, and a lifelong learner.


UX Camp: Summer 2020

Navigating Your UX Career — From Early Growth to the Fork In the Road

There’s plenty of resources on how to land your first job in UX — we want to help you take the next step…and the next. When you’re getting started, every new project is an opportunity, but how do you identify the ones that will prepare you for your next role? What skills and experiences are hiring managers looking for in mid-to-senior level positions? And once you achieve Senior level, what’s next?

Sunny and Jabali will share their experiences—having seen both sides of the hiring table. They’ve grown their careers, they’ve grown teams, and they’ve shared the experience of reaching the summit and wondering what to do next. At that fork in the road, they didn’t exit; they got creative. This discussion will help you take a hard look at the work you’re doing today and how it can shape the next step in your UX career.

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Speaker Details
July 2024
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