Brian Santiago

Brian Santiago

Brian Santiago

Brian has 15+ years of experience across all design disciplines from a wide range of industries including supply-chain, data science, and internet infrastructure. He currently is helping his colleagues at Fastly, an edge cloud platform that powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences for the world’s most popular businesses, including Airbnb, the New York Times, and Vimeo. You can usually find Brian in Northern California where he enjoys overreacting to the Chicago Cubs, trying to lower his golf handicap, and searching for the perfect croissant.

For more, keep up with Brian at or on Twitter as @thebsantiago.


UX Camp Fall 2018

Creating User-Centered Organizations Through Rapid Usability Testing

Few will argue the benefits of usability testing, but regardless if you are a seasoned UX professional or new to the field, traditional usability testing can be extremely time consuming. Often times many will completely skip testing because the friction is so high. In my talk, I will share the lessons I learned from when I introduced a low-friction and light-weight testing framework to my colleagues at Fastly, a company that powers over 10% of all internet traffic. This new approach increased our usability testing frequency by 4x in 8 months, gave teams greater insights into their products, and gained greater adoption of the testing process throughout the organization.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
June 2024
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November 10, 2018
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