Colleen Pellissier

Colleen Pellissier

Colleen Pellissier

Colleen is passionate about collaboration, human-centered research, and a holistic approach to creating products. She’s currently a UX Researcher at Groupon; bringing a customer-focused lens to teams and initiatives across the organization with a fiery heart and quick wit. Colleen leans into her experience as a storyteller to inspire, educate, and communicate customer insights. After work hours, Colleen can be found wearing big headphones while moving bits of audio around to tell compelling stories for various audio projects.

For more, keep up with Colleen at or on Twitter as @cr_pellissier.


UX Camp Spring 2021

May We Be Compassionate Warriors

Have you ever screwed up at work? This can be a big or small thing; it’s a terrible feeling. This happens to everyone at every level in our career. We make mistakes, we’re trying our best but work hard, people are harder, and sometimes it all just goes to shit. I think that’s ok, that’s human and being human is the best we can do.

I’ve spent the last couple of years learning, cultivating, and honing a superpower: mindful self-compassion. These are small things I do every day to be kinder to myself, forgive myself, and reminding myself of common humanity. This practice has made me a better teammate and employee. I’ve gained better focus and balance at work.

By sharing some of my own “failure”/mess-up stories I’d like to illustrate how I used self-compassion tools to navigate the situation. These tools and methods are super accessible and informal that anyone can try, and I’d love to give the audience some things to try out.

UX Camp Spring 2018

Telling the Best Story All the Time, Every Single Time. Forever.

Storytelling tools and methods help throughout the design thinking process, while executing a UX practice, and sharing deliverables. How can we share design choices with clients or stakeholders? How did we arrive at the design decision we made?

You’ve done the work and now need engaging ways to frame or present your findings. Being able to tell a good story supports and enhances your presentations, deliverables, and meetings. We’ll also look different mediums used to tell your story, from verbal to visual and how to engage and effectively communicate with your audience.

By the end of this presentation, we aim to leave the attendee with actionable strategies to tell better stories, anecdotes to share over dinner, and a fierce desire to get around a campfire and tell a tale.

Leadership By Design 2018

Audio Autopsy: How’d My Favorite Podcast Do That?

Making podcasts isn’t for the faint of heart and I’m here to tell you why—we’ll take a shallow-dive into the craft of audio storytelling via podcasting, and the production that goes into it. Podcasts are hot—people aren’t leaving the house before making sure they have their phone, keys, wallet, and earbuds connected with their favorite show queued-up. I’m going to tell you how that all happens!

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Colleen Pellissier – May We Be Compassionate Warriors

UX Camp Spring 2021 May We Be Compassionate Warriors Have you ever screwed up at work? This can be a big or small thing; it’s a terrible feeling. This happens to everyone at every level in our career. We make…

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