Dale Sande

Dale Sande

Dale Sande

Dale Sande has worked as a Senior UX Engineer with companies like Getty Images, BestBuy, Microsoft, REI, AppDirect, and others. He currently leads UI development for the Orion Design System as a Senior Design Technologist with Alaska Airlines in Seattle. Dale continues to be involved in the front-end community, both locally and nationally. He and a colleague were the inspiration behind SassMeister, co-authored two books on Sass, appeared twice as a guest instructor with Treehouse and continues to write instructional tutorials.

In those rare moments when Dale can actually put the computer down, he enjoys spending time with this wife and two daughters biking, hiking and generally being outdoors in the Pacific North West.

For more, keep up with Dale at blog.anotheruiguy.com or on Twitter as @anotheruiguy.


UX Camp Spring 2018 

Empowering Your UI Design Systems

It’s time to dispell these misconceptions about building design systems, their role, and issues with maintenance. This talk will also propose new ideas in the industry in regards to building a design system that is integrated into the production development workflow. After all, the more you can involve the whole team in a process, the more likely you will create a process that outlasts the members of the team.

This talk will cover conceptually what a design system is and how to best abstract UI elements from a design and apply to an application. Tools such as Fractal and Pattern Lab will be reviewed, while integration tools like styled components and React Styleguidist or Storybook will be discussed in detail for how to properly weaponize and maintain your UI across your whole team.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
May 2024
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May 19, 2018
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