Guadalupe Aguilera

Guadalupe Aguilera

Guadalupe Aguilera

Guadalupe commenced her professional journey in the realm of architecture, where she developed a deep appreciation for space, form, and user interaction within physical environments. This foundational understanding of design principles and user-centric focus seamlessly transitioned her into the world of UX design. Here, she excelled in interpreting user needs into intuitive and visually compelling digital interfaces. Beyond the digital sphere, Guadalupe found a spiritual and artistic kinship in Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement.

The principles of Ikebana—harmony, balance, and the evocative use of space—echo the values Guadalupe upheld in both architecture and UX design. As she advances in her Ikebana studies, the tranquil and purposeful nature of the art form begins to interlace with her digital designs. Guadalupe’s unique trajectory, spanning architecture to digital interfaces and traditional flower arranging, showcases a harmonious blend of spatial understanding, user-focused design, and organic aesthetics, making her a true multidisciplinary maestro.


UX Camp Winter 2024

From Petals to Pixels: Integrating Ikebana Principles into UX Design

The art of Ikebana, Japan’s centuries-old tradition of flower arrangement, is not merely about placing flowers in a vase. It is a meticulous craft that emphasizes harmony, balance, and the evocative use of space. This presentation draws a parallel between the core principles of Ikebana and UX Design, illuminating the shared essence between these seemingly disparate realms.

Spanning architecture to UX design and culminating in the mastery of Ikebana, this unique lens offers profound intersections of design thinking. Through real-world examples and case studies, attendees will discover how the silent eloquence of Ikebana arrangements can inspire and inform digital interface designs, enhancing their elegance, intuitiveness, and user-centricity.

Explore the world where petals meet pixels, unraveling the symbiotic relationship between traditional art forms and cutting-edge digital design. Learn how the timeless wisdom of Ikebana can serve as a guiding compass in creating resonant and memorable user experiences in today’s digital age.



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Speaker Details
March 2024
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