Jessica Bertling

Jessica Bertling

Jessica Bertling

Jessica Bertling is an avid gardener and loves to help things grow, especially ideas. After receiving her degree in Digital Media and Design she spent eight years in e-commerce, specializing in user experience design and front end web development. She now works for NewBoCo, parent organization of the Iowa Startup Accelerator, where she works with startups and local corporations to build innovative products. She’s also an instructor at DeltaV, Iowa’s premier code school, where she teaches front end web development.

For more, keep up with Jessica at or on Twitter as @jbertling.


UX Camp: Front-End Camp 2017 

Tale of Two Redesigns

As we move into a world of continuous deployment, divided work, fast moving ops teams and agile time boxes, how does something like a full responsive site overhaul or site redesign get accomplished without a mess of conflicts or new development freezes? What happens when you take two sister companies, both on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list, and try two completely different approaches? We’ll talk about what we learned, show you some pitfalls to avoid, and how we ultimately completed a successful full site responsive redesign in “bite sized” pieces, independent of other development, without disrupting the customer experience.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
June 2024
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