Joanne Wang

Joanne Wang

Joanne Wang

A rare mix of an analytic and polished designer. She is an extremely thoughtful designer and thinks through many iterations before implementing a final design. She has a sharp eye for design, and I often looked to her for feedback.

A talented UX designer and seeks to thoroughly understand processes and operations so that she can thoughtfully craft her proposals. I had the pleasure of working with her on a mega overhaul of existing applications used for marketing campaign execution, and I was so excited and relieved when she was able to quickly connect the dots on complex workflow products.

For more, keep up with Joanne on Twitter as @designer_joanne.


UX Camp Spring 2022

Set Up Boundaries as a Design Leader

As a design leader, one should know their value and set up boundaries. Ask for feedback to not only maximize your value and career development but to maintain a clear understanding of your worth to the team. As for boundaries, I learn how to push back when you feel your priorities slipping.

Steps to set up boundaries:

  • First, define the boundaries; in which area do you need the boundaries.
  • Second, what do you need to happen to support the boundaries
  • Third, what are the benefits when your boundaries are respected?
  • What actions will you take if your boundaries are not respected?
  • What will you feel like if your boundaries are respected?

In practice, learn to ask for clarification and accountability (“what exactly do you need here? How should we reprioritize our backlog to accommodate for this task?”) when you feel others—client or team members—might cross your boundaries.

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Speaker Details
May 2024
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