Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski

Jon is a Interactive Design Lead at Vectorform, where he invents digital products and experiences. His passion lies in exploring the intersection of design and development, and often merges these two disciplines into a hybrid approach for solving digital problems. When he’s not building wireframes or style sheets, Jon is curating Laws of UX and the Web Field Manual.

For more, keep up with Jon at or on Twitter as @JonYablonski.


UX Camp Fall 2018

The Intersection of Psychology & UX Design

The human brain is so complex that understanding it has proven to be arguably the greatest challenge of modern science. It exhibits patterns that are integral to how we perceive and process information, which we’ve evolved for survival over thousands of years.

An understanding of these patterns is fundamental to designing human-centered experiences, and we can use established principles from psychology to guide us. Instead of forcing users to conform to the design of a product or experience, we can use this knowledge to design for how people actually are.

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Speaker Details
February 2024
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November 10, 2018
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If you’re just getting your start in UX and you’re hoping to learn more, or you’ve been in the field awhile and want to stay current, UX Camp is for you. A full day–2 full tracks–of UX talks, surrounded by impressive keynotes and all for a great price that includes your lunch.