Karmen Kaufmann

Karmen Kaufmann

Karmen Kaufmann

Karmen is a Lead Designer at Moment where she helps clients envision, create, and evolve digital products through research and strategy.

For more, keep up with Karmen at karmenkaufmann.com.


UX Camp Spring 2018 

How to Shut Up & Listen

When conducting research with users, designers are always thinking one step ahead. “Should I take them down that thought path? How much more time do I have? What’s the next question I should ask?”

Unfortunately, this is how most people have conversations in their daily life as well—completely one-sided, selfish, and focused on the next time they get to talk. That just doesn’t work when you’re trying to get genuine stories out of people.

Using the Constructivist Listening Dyad (a tool developed for educators), design researchers can uncover greater insights through listening, and not just thinking one step ahead to guide the conversation. By forcing yourself to remain silent and fully dedicate yourself to listening to your users, you will empower them to speak their truth. In the end you’ll have honest insights from your users that will guide your design.

In this session, participants (anyone from designers, researchers, and strategists) will walk away with a refreshed empathy for their research subjects, a new method to apply to their generative research, and refined skills in active listening.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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