Kurt Cunningham

Kurt Cunningham

Kurt Cunningham

Kurt is a motivated and adaptive innovative thinker who enjoys data-driven design and development. His passion for finding the best possible experience is matched by only his love for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

For more, keep up with Kurt at kurtcunningham.com or on Twitter as @KurtCunningham.


UX Camp: Front-End Camp 2017

Let’s Refactor That Sass

Sass is a powerful pre-processor. That’s a given. Since it’s release Sass has helped designers and front-end developer’s create more modular stylesheets. But it’s so much more than just variables and nested selectors. By using functions, mixins, and yes, even extends, we can write powerful design architectures in less code and better prepare our systems for future feature development.

Let’s take advantage of all that Sass provides us. Over the years, I’ve seen—and made—many common mistakes in Sass that could be cleaned up with some refactoring. “Let’s refactor that Sass” is a phrase my co-workers are sick of hearing. But, it’s something I find myself saying on a daily basis. And something, hopefully, you’ll be saying too.

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February 2024
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