Lauren Lucchese

Lauren Lucchese

Lauren Lucchese

Lauren is a UX content strategist, writer, and editor based in Chicago. She’s currently a UX Content Strategist at Capital One, where she uses words to design product experiences that feel like meaningful, personal conversations with customers.

Lauren loves to talk about things like honest UX, content-first UX design, and how to build meaningful relationships in the workplace and in the larger UX community. Most recently, she’s spoken at WebVisions Berlin and at the Women in Design and Tech Leadership Forum in Berlin and London.

She is also a bookworm and a fierce lover of all things pizza. Her long term life goals involve lots of travel to faraway places, hopefully with a good book within reach.

For more, keep up with Lauren on Twitter as @laurenlookayz.


UX Camp 2017

Real Talk: Designing Content That Builds Trust

As content strategy continues to grow, it’s adapting to the needs of different organizations. While it used to be synonymous with writing web content, copywriting, and content marketing, that’s no longer the case. Now, we content strategists design messages to create meaningful, personal interactions with customers across across app interfaces, error messages, transactional communications, and more. Essentially, we are experience designers. It’s just that instead of visual elements, our main tool is words.

With this increased influence comes responsibility. As designers and content strategists, we need to constantly be thoughtful about how we’re positioning messaging in our experiences. We need to build trust with our customers, and much like trust between people, the only way we can do this effectively is by being upfront, authentic, and honest in our communication at all times. When we’re not, we end up failing our customers in a big way.

Lauren will talk about her experience as a content strategist on design and product teams at Capital One, and will showcase some of her go-to content strategy techniques and tools. She’ll introduce some questions and frameworks that can be iteratively applied throughout our design processes to maintain the integrity of our content.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
June 2024
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