Nathan Hinshaw

Nathan Hinshaw

Nathan Hinshaw

Nathan Hinshaw is the Lead Front End Engineer and a Product Owner at Threadless, where he brings his passion for data-driven, cross-device development to the best platform for supporting artists worldwide. He believes in writing lean, modular HTML, SCSS, and Javascript while crafting empathetic, intuitive interfaces. When not creating for the web he can be found at his ceramics wheel or scouring cookbooks for a new all day cooking project.

For more, keep up with Nathan at or on Twitter as @nathanhinshaw.


UX Camp 2015

Designing Digital Communities

As the architectural complexities and user expectations of websites continue to evolve, viewing them as the communities that they are–or can become–is increasingly important to both their sustainability and success. How do we as technologists design, build, and maintain these properties; while also evolving the tools we use to support them?

We’ll look at:

  • Design patterns, development processes and feedback cycles
  • How Threadless has worked to foster collaboration between users and developers by encouraging both active and passive participation
  • How to best leverage a community’s shared assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating digital spaces that promote users’ sense of inclusion and satisfaction
  • Looking at existing real world design patterns (e.g. universal iconography and visual wayfinding) as a means of creating more accessible user experiences in a digital space
  • Responsible development: pushing design and technology forward without dragging users behind you
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Speaker Details
June 2024
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