Neil Jacobsen

Neil Jacobsen

Neil Jacobsen

Neil is a Chicago transplant working as a podcast producer as well as a teacher’s assistant and design mentor with Designation. He loves the design research process, talking to users, then bringing back ideas to them for testing. Neil moved to Chicago to learn the art of long-form improvisation at the Second City and iO theaters; he’s currently performing, coaching, and teaching around the city. He’s happy to facilitate a corporate improv workshop with anyone reading this. Literally, anyone. Neil loves to ride his bike and make furniture from reclaimed wood (aka garbage).


UX Camp Spring 2018 

Telling the Best Story All the Time, Every Single Time. Forever.

Storytelling tools and methods help throughout the design thinking process, while executing a UX practice, and sharing deliverables. How can we share design choices with clients or stakeholders? How did we arrive at the design decision we made?

You’ve done the work and now need engaging ways to frame or present your findings. Being able to tell a good story supports and enhances your presentations, deliverables, and meetings. We’ll also look different mediums used to tell your story, from verbal to visual and how to engage and effectively communicate with your audience.

By the end of this presentation, we aim to leave the attendee with actionable strategies to tell better stories, anecdotes to share over dinner, and a fierce desire to get around a campfire and tell a tale.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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