Rudy Rigot

Rudy Rigot

Rudy Rigot

Rudy is brand new to Chicago, and loving every bit of it! In a previous life, he was a software engineer at Apple for a while, founded his own startup (Holberton School, a 2-year software engineering school in San Francisco that is still running today), wrote a technical book in French about responsive web design before it was cool, is currently writing a second one about the Go language, and gave a lot of conference talks when he was in France, where he’s from. Today, he is a lead software engineer at Salesforce (proudly the only product engineer sitting in the Salesforce Chicago offices!), working on Salesforce’s in-app user assistance features.

For more, keep up with Rudy on Twitter as @rudyrigot.


UX Camp: Front-End Camp 2017

Human Scaling on the Front-End

Your product (or your client’s product) is kicking butt, and the userbase is ever growing, allowing to hire more engineers to build more experimental features, more interactions, more experiences in your product. Soon, a dreadful problem starts arising: how do you ensure that one team’s work in your crowd of engineers doesn’t unwillingly break or impact another team’s front-end work? How do you scale humans on the front-end while limiting risk?

We’ll briefly look at how that problem is being solved on the back-end in large companies (Google, Apple, Uber, Salesforce) to see what we can learn from it for the front-end, and then we’ll dive in the opportunities that current front-end framework are leveraging. We’ll discuss component-based approaches in particular, since they’re designed as a solution to that problem, and will review the solutions they bring, but also the new challenges, and what future we can expect to them.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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