Simon Conway

Simon Conway

Simon Conway

Simon is a specialist Journey Management consultant.

He has over twenty successful years as a digital product leader, firstly as the director of product at a successful Ed-Tech start-up and for the last 7 years as a digital consultant at Capgemini and AND Digital.

He has a wide range of experience across agile, product, CX delivery, strategy and transformation, and has worked household names like Primark, Lloyds Bank, Unilever and British Gas as well as for smaller start-ups and scale-ups.
In 2023 Simon specialized in Journey Management because of the transformative power of this approach: He is a consulting partner for Theydo, advisor and coach for multiple businesses and a leading advocate for Journey Management as the fastest, surest way for business leaders to increase CX maturity.

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UX Camp Fall 2023

Embrace the Journey – An Introduction to Journey Management

Journey Management transcends conventional product development by embedding customer insight into the very fabric of business strategy. This is the future of Journey Mapping, allowing teams to continuously evaluate and adapt to customer interactions, ensuring a unified customer experience.

Join Simon Conway, a specialist Journey Management consultant, who will unveil this innovative methodology, shedding light on how it’s transforming business decision making by putting customers at the core of decision-making.

In this illuminating session, you’ll explore how Journey Management evolves the practice of customer-journey mapping and see how new tools provide a continuous cycle linking customer journeys to innovation opportunities, insights and business goals.

Whether you’re new to the concept or looking to refine your existing practices, this session will equip you with the insights to implement Journey Management effectively.

What you’ll learn:
– The underlying principles and benefits of Journey Management
– How to differentiate between Journey Management and traditional journey mapping
– Practical examples and guidelines to kickstart Journey Management in your business
– Strategies to secure organisational buy-in

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
June 2024
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