Snigdha Sah

Snigdha Sah

Snigdha Sah

I combine my passion for user-centered qualitative research with my ability to work effectively in collaborative spaces to propel my commitment to enhance the everyday experience of users. In doing so, I adopt creative, strategic and collaborative approaches to research, with the goal of understanding and analyzing user choices and the experiences that drive purchasing behaviors, customer satisfaction and loyalty.Over the span of the last 7+ years, I have worked in a wide variety of consulting and project management roles to clients across industries that include information technology and services, healthcare, automotive, consumer packaged goods, energy services, education and non-profit. I use my training in anthropology to understand product or services-related research questions and work closely with clients to deliver compelling, customized, viable and actionable recommendations for product/services enhancement.


UX Camp Spring 2018 

Crossing Cultures: Making Global Research Work

It has become imperative that companies and corporations that are committed to enhancing the user experience consider the unique challenges and perspectives of users across the globe. As the world becomes smaller, and markets shift and consolidate, opportunities expand.

But conducting research on a global scale carries some unique challenges. For example, how do you conduct ethnographies in India, or manage a usability test in a country with low Internet penetration? What is the best method for reaching the underbanked in the Philippines? How do privacy laws effect research in Germany and Japan? How do you test successfully in markets where participants are likely to sign up for research only for the incentive? What about navigating different approaches to live, simultaneous interpretation?

We’ll discuss the expanded focus of research to global and newly emerging markets such as the Middle East and North Africa; the value and importance of a global perspective and the indispensable nature of localizing research and specific challenges and best practices for managing and executing a global project. You’ll walk away with actionable takeaways on practical approaches geared towards successful global projects, including but not limited to management of cultural differences and tips on smart recruitment and communication. We’ll also include a couple of case studies for illustration.

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Speaker Details
May 2024
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