Tanya Snook

Tanya Snook

Tanya Snook

Tanya is a user experience designer who focuses on citizen and employee experiences for the Government of Canada. She designs end-to-end services, content and applications with the goal of balancing the needs of citizens with those of the government staff who deliver services.

Tanya is a founder and co-chair of CanUX, Canada’s largest user experience conference. She is also a UX champion within the government, having co-chaired the national User Experience Working Group, and leading workshops and training sessions on UX methods for fellow public servants in her spare time.

Before her career in the public service, Tanya worked in various startups and consulting firms in Ottawa’s high tech sector. She holds a bachelor’s Commerce degree from the University of Ottawa and is certified as a business analyst through the International Institute for Business Analysis.

At home, you will likely find her with a latte in hand, wearing a nerdy t-shirt, listening to a podcast and tweeting. Tanya lives in Ottawa with her hubby and son (aka The Dude).

For more, keep up with Tanya at spydergrrl.com or on Twitter as @spydergrrl.


Leadership By Design 2018

Designing the Team Experience: Building Culture Through Onboarding

Why do some project teams work well, while others just can’t seem to get it together? Why do some teams have a strong sense of culture while others feel like a group of strangers working on the same task?

When a team comes together, whether it’s for a short-term project or ongoing long-term operations, a culture emerges: you can see it in how the team works toward common goals and how they interact with one another. Although you can’t force team culture, you can design for it. Through an enterprise project case study, we’ll look at onboarding techniques and methods that can be used to deliberately build strong team cultures.

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Speaker Details
March 2024
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