Zeke Binion

Zeke Binion

Zeke Binion

Zeke is a UX designer and developer based in Chicago. He is the Director of UX Design at Table XI, a custom software development company in Chicago that delivers business value through mobile applications, UX design and web development.

He is a passionate user experience generalist that lives at the intersection of design and technology. Using methods including Google Design Sprints, research, rapid-prototyping, and in-browser design he creates digital products that are deeply connected to people and technology. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from the Fortune 100 to Tech Startups.

He’s a tech nerd and a sports fan that tries really hard not to rant about either on Twitter.

For more, keep up with Zeke at ezekielbinion.com or on Twitter as @ebinion.


UX Camp 2017

Facilitating Google Design Sprints

Making products that customers love is hard. So giving yourself 1 week to do it sounds crazy.

But many companies spend months or years building products only to learn that their customers don’t want it. Google’s Design Sprint solves this problem by focusing a cross-disciplinary team on a clearly defined problem, empowering them to generate many creative ideas, and ensuring they are building the right product by putting a prototype in front of customers in just 5 days.

This highly collaborative process breaks down silos and brings cross-functional project teams together to ensure all product perspectives are represented. But facilitating the room for a full week can be difficult. You’ll need to manage different personalities, encourage divergent thinking, build agreement, teach new skills and keep everyone moving on schedule.

Zeke will teach you techniques he’s learned by effectively facilitating Google Design Sprints for clients at Table XI.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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