Anthony Armendariz

Anthony Armendariz

Anthony Armendariz

Anthony is a Partner and Experience Director at Funsize, a mobile product design agency in Austin, TX that crafts native mobile applications and web applications for some of the largest (and smallest) product companies, where he leads product strategy, and helps internal teams and client partners think outside of the box to create innovative and delightful user experiences.

Anthony has devoted the last 15 years to the mastery of interaction and visual design for mobile applications, web-based software, websites and beyond. His work has been featured in ID Magazine, Net Magazine, How Magazine,,,, and the “Mobile Design Pattern Gallery” book.

Previously, Anthony was a Product Designer at Evernote’s Austin office, where he designed applications for every ecosystem, for millions of users worldwide. Before relocating to Austin from Brooklyn, he was the Cofounder of 39Argyle, and a Creative Director at Behavior Design.

For more, keep up with Anthony at or on Twitter as @funsize.


UX Camp 2014: Mobile Camp

Adapting to Change Keynote

As designers, we constantly manage the chaos of mastering a craft, being diverse, all the while trying to differentiate ourselves and adapting our processes and deliverables in an industry that changes at lightening speeds.

As if the web wasn’t difficult enough, the advent of mobile product design and service design has created an entirely new industry and career paths, completely disrupting everything we knew about engagements, processes, deliverables, and expectations of design teams and agencies.

Face it, the industry is constantly changing and so should we. Let’s learn to embrace change and use it to intentionally position ourselves for constant reinvention and how to fashion the skills and environments necessary for creating meaningful products in the modern age and beyond.


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June 2024
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