Rachel McClung

Rachel McClung

Rachel McClung

From a young age, Rachel knew she wanted to create digital experiences. The educational computer games at her local library were intended to teach kids a few things about colors and numbers, but for Rachel, the takeaways were even bigger.

Rachel graduated summa cum laude from Judson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications. She also studied multimedia design at De Montfort University in the UK. Having worked at startups both large and small, she understands the diverse challenges faced by user experience designers.

Today, Rachel is a senior visual interface designer for Workiva, maker of cloud-based financial reporting software for the Fortune 500. She is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design, and a chapter advisor for AIGA Iowa.

When not contemplating the finer points of icon design, she can be found practicing vinyasa yoga and romping with her dog, Maple.

For more, keep up with Rachel at rachelmc.com or on Twitter as @rachelmc.


UX Camp 2016

Type Trials

As denizens of the digital age, we are surrounded by typography. The purpose of typography in user interface design is not to provide decoration or unique brand value, but rather to display legible information and to communicate with the user.

Learn about the history of digital typography and the bespoke typography used by industry heavyweights in their products today. Gain practical insights for selecting type for your own product and understand emerging trends for consistent cross-device experiences.

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Speaker Details
June 2024
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